Human Resources

Human Resources

The Human Resources department is responsible for the management and hiring of fellows, freelancers and legal entities who will participate in the project team. In order to facilitate the activity of the researcher, the sector develops the following activities: Granting of scholarships, in accordance with the rules of the institution and regulation of the funding body; Elaboration and publication of edicts for team selection; Formalization of contracting through a commitment term or service contract; Monitoring and assistance to implement the resources, according to the work plan of the project and; Scholarship requests via web tool.

In the year 2019 the personnel department of the foundation, which has activities such as: payroll management, granting of benefits and point control also began to be part of the activities of this sector.

How does it work

Valores que deverão ser custeados pelo orçamento do projeto

Available files

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01. Norma para Concessão e Pagamento de Bolsas de Extensão (Lei mais Médicos)

02. Normas para Concessão de Bolsas de Ensino Pesquisa Extensão e de Estimulo à Inovação

03. Norma Reguladora da Relação do HCPA com a FUNDMED

04. Projeto 1 – Ação de Extensão 2023-2024

05. Projeto 2 – Ação de Extensão 2023-2024

06. Projeto 3 – Ação de Extensão 2023-2024

07. Projeto 4 – Ação de Extensão 2023-2024

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