We take care of the financial management of your project, from the initial investment to all necessary payments. Acting with transparency, we make all information available online, for access at any time. We have a team prepared to carry out the activities of revenue and expenses of any items needed to carry out your research or scientific event.

2019 April payments

Click the image to the side to access the complete calendar with April payments 2019.



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Dayly expenses

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Subsistence Allowances

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Direct Payments

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Available files

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FIN 08 – Solicitação e Autorização de Ressarcimento

FIN 09 – Cadastro Pessoa Física e Jurídica

FIN 10 – Prestação de Contas de Adiantamento

FIN 11 – Solicitação de Pagamento

FIN 12 – Recibo de Diárias

FIN 14 – Formulário de Solicitação de Adiantamento

FIN 15 – Recibo de Ajuda de Custo a Paciente

FIN 020 – Financial Procedures

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