Governance and Strategy


Administer research, development, teaching and extension projects in the HUMAN HEALTH AREA with a high level of EXCELLENCE through GOOD ADMINISTRATIVE PRACTICES, contributing to the enhancement of science, assistance and technological innovation.


Become an INTERNATIONAL REFERENCE in the administration of research, development, teaching and extension projects IN THE HUMAN HEALTH AREA, guaranteeing CREDIBILITY and RESPONSIBILITY of the Institution and its collaborators.


  • Excellence in the administration of knowledge production;
  • Technological innovation in teaching and research to improve care;
  • Ethics in the commitment to truth and quality in the generation of individual and collective benefits;
  • Universality in accessing a broad spectrum of projects in the area of human health;
  • Discipline in commitment to good administrative practices;
  • Corporate Governance and Qualified and Professional Organizational Management;
  • Member Associates and Employees satisfied.




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